Issuance of withholding tax cards for the year 2021

Issuance of withholding tax cards for the year 2021



Dear Client, 

In a communication dated 07/01/2021, the Administration des Contributions Directes (ACD) indicates that, as usual, all salaried and retired taxpayers will receive their tax card for the 2021 tax year during the first two months of the year 2021. It is therefore not necessary to contact the ACD before mid-March regarding the missing 2021 tax card. Should the tax card not have been received by this date, the ACD states that the employers, pension funds or employees may then report this omission to the issuing RTS office.

We also remind you that the 2021 tax card must be provided to the employer immediately upon receipt and then provided to us according to the agreed work schedule and process.

The ACD reminds you that “Explanations relating to the issuance and automatic modifications of the forms, without intervention and without request from the taxpayer, as well as a table of issuing RTS offices are to be found at the following link  « Non réception, perte ou modification de la fiche de retenue d'impôt ”.” (only available in French)

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the new tax allowances, corresponding to the annual lump-sum allowances of the tax return, which will be reported on the tax card and split into monthly and daily amounts from the 2021 tax year:

      • FFO :Forfait Frais d’Obtention
      • FDS : Forfait Dépenses Spéciales

IF Payroll & HR is at your disposal to assist you in the process, for any request, we invite you to contact us at the following address

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