Control of outsourcing costs and concentration on your core business
  • Budget control with a fixed term contract
  • Business expertise
  • Follow-up and compliance with regulations in force
  • Data integrity and timeliness
Our Tailor-Made premium services
  • Payroll audit
  • Administrative support
  • Change Management
  • Payroll and software training
Our specific themes
  • Cross-borders
  • Multi-employer employees
  • Split Payroll
  • Shadow Payroll
  • HR Interface
  • Accounting Interface

Our commitments

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    Receipt & Preparation of payroll instructions

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    Salary calculation & Compliance

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    Relationship management with third parties and official bodies

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    Salary payment

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    Financial documents & customized reports - Distribution through our digital solutions for Employers and Employees

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    Tailor-made advice in line with your needs