Meet our new Client Relationship Officer!

Meet our new Client Relationship Officer!


Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new position of Client Relationship Officer within IF Payroll & HR.

Indeed, a new strategy has been outlined in order to improve our customer focus and to support IF Payroll & HR’s future growth. Ludivine Coullaut joined our team on May 3rd 2021 in that respect (Ludivine Coullaut | LinkedIn)

Ludivine will strengthen relationships with our entire client portfolio by working closely with our Payroll Consultants and Chief Operations Officers.

She will listen to your needs and guide you in order to best meet your expectations.

In order to discuss your file, your wishes and your expectations, you can now make an appointment with her and the people responsible for your file.

Please send your wishes for an appointment by email to Ludivine (face-to-face or virtual appointment) as well as your available slots from June 1st 2021 and the topics you wish to discuss during this meeting.


Kind regards,

IF Payroll & HR
Tél. : 26 921


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