WAGE INDEXATION AS OF 01.02.2023 – Index: 898.93

WAGE INDEXATION AS OF 01.02.2023 – Index: 898.93

Dear Clients,

Following the provisional results published by the STATEC on January 31st 2023, a wage indexation has been triggered february 1st 2023.

We inform you that the consumer price index is now standing at 898.93.

The wages, salaries and pensions have therefore increased by 2.5% as of february 1st 2023. Our team is actively coordinating the management of this mandatory legal increase, which will have an impact on the february 2023 payroll.

Please find the STATEC communication here.

We also take the opportunity of this communication to remind you that another wage indexation will happen on april 1st 2023. This increase is planned since 2022 following the index postponement in July 2022.

IF Payroll & HR Team
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